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We Love Fishing! My husband has been an avid fishermen ever since he was old enough to pick up a fishing pole. As a kid, he fished the lakes and rivers within walking distance of his family home.

During his teen years, he is remembered by friends for catching a fish with his bare hands from a canoe at a lake party. Everyone was watching and although it was some 40+ years ago, it is a fun memory that showcases his lifetime love of fishing.

He has sereral boats, that have served him well with inlet, lake and most enjoyed ocean fishing. He has a license to commercially fish, dig up clams, oysters and catches blue crabs when they are in season.

Thanks for checking out our website. If you are interested in making your own fishing lures, please come back soon as we will be adding fishing lure supplies like hooks, feathers, string and instructions for making fishing lures yourself.


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